Welcome to Athena's By LJ

Empowering women and men on the path of sexual education in the safe, comfortable environment of their own homes.

Goddess LJ will see you now...

About the Goddess...

My name is LJ, and I've been an Athena's Goddess since November 2015. I am the team leader of LJ's Lovejoys, and was second on my team for the year of 2016. From the first party I attended- I instantly had a feeling of not feeling alone. My goddess made me feel completely comfortable in an area I previously felt shamed and not able to talk about! I instantly made a life long friend, and gained some amazing products! It didn't take me long to realize this was exactly what I was meant to do! I currently am the Team Leader of LJ's Lovejoys, and they have grown themselves!  I have received 2nd place for my sales for first trimester this year, was number one in sales on my Team for April, and my lineage hit top 5 this past September! I love being able to empower, teach, and help couples and my teammates alike!!

What is Athena's?

This is NOT your grandmother's Tupperware party (although Gram is welcome to come, too)!

An Athena's Home Novelty party is held in a private home where guests can view, sample and purchase sensuous products in a safe environment - a place where they can feel comfortable talking about products that they may be unfamiliar with. Guests are encouraged to ask questions about how these products are used and how they relate to an individual's or couple's intimate relationship. As your Goddess, I will help to create an open, sensitive atmosphere that is necessary for such questions to be answered throughout the party.

Are you ready for a sassy, sexy and fun home party?

An Athena's Party helps individuals become more informed about products that may have been considered "bad or dirty" in the past, simply because of the "dirty book stores" that carried them. 

Women and men can see other people enjoying the new tastes and sensations and realize that these products are now being used by women and men everywhere! 

People learn to feel comfortable learning about their own sensuality and sexuality at an Athena's Party. 

I provide an evening of fun and entertainment for you and your friends- my Athena’s parties are filled with games, giveaways and great times for all!

Have you been touched by the Goddess?

We have something in our catalog for EVERYBODY- from high quality hand lotion to luxury vibrators, every woman in your life is guaranteed to find something she will enjoy!

Not ready for THOSE parties? Host a Heavenly Goddess Spa Party! All the great spa and bathing products with none of the "toy talk". These parties are open to all age groups.